Thursday, October 9th; Island of Rhodes, Greece

Our tour to lovely Lindros was certainly worth getting up early for! It is a lovely place: a lower town of immaculate white buildings and a mediaval fortress with some parts dating back to BC times. Our guide, Dora (as she said: 'not the explorer') was very good. We drove out of Rhodes City and along the coast for about 45 minutes.

At Lindos a shuttle took us to the lower town, then we climbed the 399 steps to the acropolis. It was well-defended and well-provisioned to provide shelter for all the town's residents im case of attack. There are layers of history dating back 2700 years the worship of the Greek gods through the 14th century, when the Knights of St. John occupied the island for a long time before moving on to Malta. The market lined the winding road up to the fortress and both of us did some shopping (Jan more than Lar by a long shot ).

Back to the ship for a noon sailing. We continued to be blessed with fine weather, usually a bit overcast and cool enough that we don't suffer as we clamber around all these ruins.
...later: Tonight was a western night on board, so we ate Prime Texas beef, wore western clothes and listened to western music. The entertainment included saloon girls and cowboys and nightly quiz was all about things western - we thought we had a chance, but didn't do so well -- well, everyone else was on a team of at least 4.
Selected Photos of Rhodes

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