Monday, September 29 - London to Rome

In spite of the comfort of the trip, Jan didn't sleep much. Larry got several hours, though, so was very refreshed. We travelled through Heathrow's new Terminal 5, so it was pretty much hassle-free. It's a beautiful facility with lots of high-end shopping. the flight to Rome was quick an easy, and surprisingly comfortable and spacious for tourist class. The shuttle we had arranged 8 months ago was waiting for us with a sign no less, and our friendly Australian/Roman driver Sergio kept us entertained on the trip to the Hotel Les Chambres d'Or. We're so glad not to be trying to drive around Rome! Mazes of very crowded streets many one-way kept him going a while before we spotted the hotel. Its entrance is very unobtrusive and the lobby/breakfast room/bar tiny, but very attractive. The staff are very friendly and helpful. After enjoying a complimentary drink, we were taken to our rooms, about a block from the lobby. A mass of keys will get us in whenever we are out and about.

The room is fresh and clean and comfortable - nicely decorated and with a view out the open window of a corner of the Vatican City in the distance. Thanks Lisa and Quintin for suggesting this place!! Jan napped while Larry got out the laptop and figured out the internet connection.

In preparation for this vacation I watched the movie Roman Holiday and the building our room is in is just like the one where Cary Grant had his apartment, though without his view. After our rest, we walked over to see St. Peter's Square - words fail!! And then we had an hour or so before the Basilica closed, so we wandered through it -- Again - no words!! Perhaps the most interesting thing was after we were out, we realized Larry left a camera case away deep in the cathedral. Because it had closed we had to get an armed escort back in to get it. The place was absolutely empty and errily quiet except for a choir which was rehearsing a recording in one of the chapel areas. Magnificent!

Dinner afterward at a small nearby restaurant was nice but not spectacular. We were tired enough not to really care. Back to our room before 9 pm to rest up for tomorrow - our hop-on-hop-off tour day.
Selected Rome Photos

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