Monday, October 13 - At Sea - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The weather continued rough through the morning, but became significantly calmer by late afternoon - those who had been seasick begain to reappear around lunch time. We got a good laugh when one of the housekeepers lined up about 30 barf bags along the hand rails in her section - open and ready for use.

During the morning some of my quiz buddies asked if I was going to the Canada Quiz that night - 'well', I said,' I must be doing the Canada Quiz after all!!' I had offered, but never heard back, so I checked the Daily Schedule Paper and sure enough it was published to the ship! I tracked down the host and made our arrangements and WE WERE ON!

Meanwhile, we'd heard that there were several other Canadians onboard - a group from Calgary, mostly in their 20s. The rest of the day was the usual round of daytime activities and a good show at night. After that we donned our CANADA shirts and set up for the quiz. The place was packed! We handed out CANADA pencils to everyone - actually ran out. Larry passed around chocolate Loonies and Toonies. The quiz was a great success and the prizes went over well. People keep stopping us and mentioning it. Fun! The normal quiz host got so excited he said he had never seen anything like it on any cruise, and called in the ship photographer to take photos for HQ.
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