Friday October 10th; Limassol, Cyprus

The port of Limassol, Cyprus is very utilitarian and not as interesting as Rhodes. We left early for the drive/tour to Omodos Village in the Troodos Mountains. This was a very relaxed tour. We cruised through lovely but very dry countryside ( Cyprus is experiencing severe drought conditions - they get water only Mon, Wed, Fri for 12 hours each ) to this peaceful village, then strolled its streets and market. We walked through the small, beautiful church which contains many relics including a piece of the true cross and holy robe ( maybe!! ).

After a bit of shopping in the market, we enjoyed a cappucino at an outdoor café, then drove to a taverna for wine, cheese, olives and bread. There were cats and kittens frolicking around , which amused us all. Cats are 'big' on Cyprus, as they were brought in to control the snake population ( really... not the cats I know!! ).

Back at the ship we paused only briefly, then caught the shuttle to downtown Limassol for a bit of shopping and to try to find an internet café to upload photos. We found an interesting place where Larry was able to upload a bunch while Janice found good shopping ( that made the internet free!! ). Onboard we joined the rousing 'leaving point' party on the aft decks with free-flowing punch, followed by a rather dismal game of bingo - neither of us got even close enough to increase our pulse rate!! Evening entertainment is early tonight because tomorrow is an early departure for a long day in Egypt (where we sail to overnight).
Selected Photos of Cyprus

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