Friday, October 3; Reggio di Calabria, Italy

Nice chat over breakfast with 4 stranger, then a bit of time to explore the ship before the safety drill. By late morning the ship was cleared (customs) and we went ashore at Reggio di Calabria 'on the big toe of Italy' as Larry says. It's not a very exciting place and the ship only stopped for provissions, but Larry got a couple of shirts which he needed and we had a nice stroll on the promenade which is beautiful. Lunch and more ship exploration followed by an illustrated talk on some of our ports of call coming up.

We had a cocktail reception with the First Officer (while the Captain got the ship out of port) followed by a formal dinner with everyone in formal wear. We met our table partners for the cruise. Very nice. Larry was greatly entertained by the 87-year-old Queen E lookalike beside him. We enjoyed a lively show in one of the lounges before setting our clocks ahead an hour and going to bed. ( Mac! now we are 7 hours ahead of you guys ).
3 Photos of Reggio di Calabria

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